Sunday, September 28, 2008

Newham – A place to celebrate

I’ve been folding these Newham Labour Party leaflets for the last few days (see right). I will start actually delivering them tomorrow morning before work. I’ve got 600 to finish off.

It’s a bit late (these leaflets are supposed to be “summer 2008”) but they do meet the lovely Indian summer conditions that we have had in London recently.

They are 4 page Newham wide glossy leaflets localised for each ward. I love the positive message sent out by these leaflets that we should celebrate our borough.

On the eve of the Tory conference there is good news from a Council by-election in Plumstead, London.
Labourhome reports that Labour retained the seat with 6.6% swing from the Tories.

Hospice worker Matthew Morrow won with a 776 majority, with the Labour vote going up 13.25% on 2006.

Full result: Labour 1320, Conservative, 542, Lib Dems 195, Greens 175. Looks like the first example of the post conference Brown bounce

I have also seen a National opinion poll which showed that the Tory lead has halved! There is still everything to play for!

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