Wednesday, September 10, 2008

SWP sack Rees and German

Good news – We heard this morning that he was unwell. Now we find that what goes around does eventually come around. Both Dear leaders of the SWP and disrespect (seen left toasting each other in happier days) are about to become ex-leaders and central committee non-persons.

Check out the fun on various ultra lefty websites who all hate the SWP and their malign influence. commune, stroppyblog, Socialist wreakers & splitters, Workers Liberity.

The SWP central committee have obviously decided to punish them for allowing the Stalinist Galloway to win the only party political victory in his life. Not that he will be around for long either.

This is from “Left Alternative Members Bulletin 10th September 2008". Which of course is just a SWP front.

“1. Statement from Left Alternative officers
“The officers of the Left Alternative are sad to have to inform our members of the resignations of John Rees and Lindsey German from the officers group and National Council. However, they remain members of the Left Alternative.

“John and Lindsey have been tireless members of the officers group and National Council since the inception of Respect. As National Secretary, John has provided consistent judgment and direction in the most difficult political circumstances, while Lindsey has been our inspirational Mayoral candidate in the GLA elections in both 2004 and 2008.

“The National Council, at its meeting on 6th September, agreed a unanimous vote of thanks to John and Lindsey for everything they have done for our organisation. We are proud to have them as members of the Left Alternative and look forward to continuing to work with them in campaigns from Stop the War to the People before Profit Charter.”

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Please do not insult our intelligence.

Harrys Place has the best info on this but I like this comment (from someone who is not a friend of Kim and his Mrs) :-

"it just shows what utter political failures the SWP are 30+ years on and they are still small, miniature when compared to European parties of the Left. these people are professional activists, it is all they do day in day out, and they are utterly useless at it, by their own criteria failure after failure:

1) StWC, millions lost, down next to nothing2) create Respect, support Galloway’s iffy goings-on3) get stitched by Galloway, lose the plot4) start another front organisation, watch it fail at the London election5) haemorrhage members Left, Right and Centre6) Piss off nearly everyone else on the Left.7) watch this other front organisation collapse
complete inadequates, useless"

I of course, couldn't possibly comment.


Charlie Marks said...

Yeah, probably not a good idea. You know the saying - people in glass houses.

Now if only Gordon could be shuffled off quietly...

Anonymous said...

Fuckin hell. A Labour supporter criticising another party's failed leadership and malign influence? Pots and fuckin kettles comrade.

At least the SWP leadership's fuck-up only affects the SWP. Your leadership has murdered a million Iraqis dragged us into a neoliberal economic crisis and now fancies a bit of willy-waving with the Russians.

Fuck off, you idiot.

ian said...

Anon. The abuse is a bit OTT.

Im no fan of the idiots who call themselves New Labour or the SWP. I just despair that the left seems to be incapable of getting its act together.The fact that the SWP have messed up consistently for ages now shouldnt let them off the hook despite their opposition to the things you mention.

While the Trade Unions remain with the Labour Party and not with organisations such as the SWP should tell you something.



Anonymous said...

The thing we have to remember is that the SWP might be a failed revolutionary grouplet, but it is incredibly good at surviving. Rees and German (and the situation Bambery is in) are not the whole shooting match, although as we all know a fish rots from its head.

It's essential that the pressure is kept up on them - pressure via the good work that people like John have brought to bear by exposing the sickening idiocies of the SWPs attempts to share a bed with those who would, for example, murder gay men and lesbians.

We need to keep up the pressure on them in the workplace by defeating them in elections. Yes, I know it seems as if they never sleep and have an undending supply of energy for argument. Our work must be to spread the load of our activists - involving new members, and to educate ourselves in dealing with the bile of the extreme left.

Of course their adherence to narrow ideological teachings mean they will argue amongst themsleves, split, regroup, and so on, but it our job to ensure the organisational ice-pick goes in and stays in.

An excellent bit of news, nonethless.

Anonymous said...

Stop the withch hunt in the SWP sign up now !

we want an election contest not a coronation

Long live the Dear Leader

Anonymous said...

Who said Rees and German will shuffle off quietly not what I hear

Anonymous said...

You hit a nerve again
so please the trots like to read your blog to become better informed before they sell out and go back to their public school ways and their rich mummy and daddy

Anonymous said...

Arnt some of the new SWP leadership ex public school and related to royals step forward Cd C

and what about the millionaire's daughter the SWP Treasurer CU

the tories and SWP do have something come public school eduvation