Friday, July 04, 2008

The Last British Revolution – Happy Birthday America

Thanks to Harry’s Place for reminding us all “across the pond” that July 4th should be celebrated in these parts as well!

Today is the day when the British freed themselves from a despotic monarchy and declared independence.

Unfortunately, they were unable to liberate their homeland of the British Isles, but those Britons willing to stand up to a tyrannical king went on to become “Americans” and created a world superpower, invented the corndog, and gave the world Bob Dylan”.

Tonight, by co-incidence, the Mrs. and I enjoyed a feast of Burgers (venison – low fat), Fries ( Tesco finest oven baked chips) and Baked Beans (Heinz - of course) washed down by loads of cold Beer (okay, okay - actually glasses of Jacobs Creek).

Happy Birthday to all our Revolutionary American Cousins!

The picture above is considered to be the first flag of the United States, the “Grand Union” or “Continental Colours” (properly spelt of course) flag that was in use 1775-1777.


Robert said...

And gave is Vietnam and Iraq and Bush and a few more idiots who took us to wars, we need not have done, who dropped agent orange.

Anonymous said...

Wrong again Robert
it was the American government not people

just like I am not responsible for the British Empire

or slavery both by the Britsih, Americans, North Africans or Romans

John Gray said...

Don’t be so churlish “Robert”