Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Coalition Council Cuts: Robbing the Poor to pay for the Rich

Highest cuts:-
LB Hackney 8.9%
LB Tower Hamlets 8.9%
LB Newham 8.9%
Manchester MBC 8.9%
Rochdale MBC 8.9%
Knowsley MBC 8.9%
Liverpool MBC 8.9%
St Helens MBC 8.9%
Doncaster MBC 8.9%
S Tyneside MBC 8.9%
Blackburn with Darwen UA 8.9%
Halton UA 8.9%
Hartlepool UA 8.9%
Hull UA 8.9%
Middlesbrough UA 8.9%
NE Lincs UA 8.9%

Lowest cuts:-
Poole 0.97%
Hampshire 0.95%
West Sussex 0.65%
Wokingham 0.63%
Richmond-upon-Thames 0.61%
Buckinghamshire 0.60%
Surrey 0.31%
Dorset +0.25% (yes, that is a plus - an increase not a cut)

Hat Tip to Luke for above information.  Some are arguing that Pickle's figures are wrong and the cuts will be even more drastic and the actual reduction could be up to 9.9%! 

So the leafy Royal Borough of Richmond loses 0.61% and my inner city borough Newham 8.9%.

These reductions are just vile and show that the poor and vulnerable are being penalised for not voting Tory or Lib Dem. Even worse than that they are being used to pay for the excesses of the rich bankers and financiers.
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