Tuesday, March 26, 2024

UNISON Labour Link Officer report: GLR Housing Associations branch AGM 2024

Tomorrow is my UNISON branch AGM and I have submitted (late) my written report below as the branch Labour Link officer. I will also make a verbal report at the AGM and take any questions. 

""Labour Link" is part of UNISON and it is a political fund that supports the Labour Party which all members can choose to support. It also campaigns and lobbies the Labour Party to adopt UNISON policies. Trade unions helped form the Labour Party and we are all part of a wider "Labour movement family". 

 There are around 1000 members of our branch who are members of the UNISON Labour Link and many are also members of the Labour Party. Our branch Labour Link members are delegates to local Labour Parties, they campaign on behalf of the Party and attend conferences and other events. Labour Link also holds training sessions for members interested in becoming Councillors or even MPs.

In the last year, we have organised Labour Link members to go and support Labour Party candidates in the recent successful Parliamentary by elections. We have also started campaigning for the Labour Party in the forthcoming General and London Mayoral elections. 

In particular we are explaining to members and voters about the importance of the Labour Party's "New Deal for Working People", which if they are elected will result in employment rights against unfair dismissal from day one, a real "living wage" for all and introduction of fair pay agreements, the banning of zero hour contacts and of fire & rehire (and many, many other worker friendly policies).

The next major elections will be on 2 May 2024. UNISON member Sadiq Khan is restanding as London Mayor, while many other UNISON members are candidates in London Assembly seats and in council elections outside London. Please contact me if you wish to join our Labour Link campaign teams (either in person, talking to voters, leafleting or telephone phone banks).

It is very important that Labour has a good result on May 2 since this could even result in the Conservatives calling a general election sooner rather than later and we can start to rebuild our nation with progressive policies such as "New Deal".

John Gray
Branch Labour Link Officer

(Picture of Labour Deputy Leader (and former UNISON activist) Angela Rayner MP speaking about "New Deal" at recent Community conference attended by branch delegates).

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