Thursday, March 07, 2024

Labour Housing Group Executive Elections 2024 - Election Re-run. Finish today Friday 8.3.24 5pm

 "We have unfortunately come to the view that the ballot for the EC needs to be rerun, as it became clear that some voters had abused the system.

The list of voters will be the same as were eligible to vote on the first occasion and the candidates are the same as in the original ballot.
Please find the list of candidates here.
The attendance record for current Executive Committee members standing for re-election is here.

We have partnered with Anonyvoter for this election, you will receive an email from them with a link to vote shortly. Make sure you check your spam folder.

If you didn't receive a ballot and think you should have done, please contact

The closing time for your vote is 5pm on Friday 8th March.
Please use your votes!"

JG "I have just voted in the LHG Executive elections for the following 10 candidates. Lot of very good people standing and apologies for those I have not voted for on this occasion. 

You may only vote if you are both a member of LHG and a member of the Labour Party.

Sheila Spencer,

John Cotton,

Ross Houston,

Heather Johnson,

Christopher Worrall,

Paul Martin,

Andy Bates

Alison Inman.

Adam Allnut

Asma Islam"

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