Wednesday, November 01, 2023

LGPS Forum: Opportunity to participate in transnational Labour Rights Investor Network


(UNISON are supporting their members who are pension trustees/activists to join)

The Global Union’s Committee on Workers' Capital (CWC) is a network of pension trustees and staff dedicated to ensuring that employee retirement assets are invested responsibly. The CWC is initiating the Labor Rights Investor Network, a new investor education and exchange network that will offer resources and actionable information to help investors better engage portfolio companies on labor rights issues, including freedom of association, collective bargaining, and health & safety . We encourage you to follow the registration link below and join us to hear more about this exciting new initiative.


Mikail Husain (he/him)

ESG Analyst | SOC Investment Group 

"Investors have three reasons to advance their stewardship of labour rights. First, labour rights are human rights and investors have responsibilities to respect these rights in their investment and stewardship decisions. Second, respect for labour rights enables investors to mitigate systemic and company-specific risks. And third, freedom of association and collective bargaining, along with other worker rights such as the right to a safe and healthy workplace, can improve corporate performance.

The Labour Rights Investors Network will provide investors with the actionable information they need to engage on labour issues, uphold their responsibilities to respect human rights, mitigate workplace risks, and drive stronger returns. An initiative of the Global Unions’ Committee on Workers’ Capital (CWC), the Network will offer events and resources, including regular opportunities for education and exchange on issues such as identifying labour risks, the impact of different legal contexts, and how stewardship can improve transparency and performance on freedom of association and collective bargaining. The Network will provide written resources, bring workers to share their experiences, and connect investors to experts in such areas as international labour standards, country-specific labour laws, and workplace health and safety.

Our first webinar will provide a selection of the types of content the Network will offer. You will hear from workers who have experienced labour risks firsthand, learn about one company’s approach to mitigating that risk, hear from an investor on why freedom of association is an important topic for stewardship, and have a chance to ask an international labour rights expert questions. We will present an overview of the network and what you can expect from joining.

We are hosting two sessions of this webinar and invite you to register for the session that best fits your time zone and schedule as both events will follow the same agenda. You are invited to join one of the following two options:

  • Option 1 (Australia/North America): Wednesday November 15th at 3pm Eastern Standard Time / 12pm Pacific Time/ 9pm CEST | Thursday November 16th at 7:00am Australian Eastern Daylight Time. REGISTER HERE 
  • Option 2 (Europe/North America): Monday November 20th at 3pm Central European Time / 9am Eastern Standard Time/ 6am Pacific Time. REGISTER HERE

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