Wednesday, May 03, 2023

Vote Labour & Vote Labour Movement Family

Yesterday evening I joined a UNISON Labour Link telecanvassing session (via dialogue software) for Peter Hannell, who is a para medic and a elected UNISON committee member of Greater London Labour Link. He is standing to be a Labour Councillor in Bennetts End ward in Dacorum Borough Council (Herts).

This evening I did another session for Lola Oyewusi, who is a housing worker and another UNISON Labour Link Committee member, who is standing in Walderslade ward, Tonbridge & Malling (Kent).

Both sessions went well and we got a majority of Labour contacts and also positive feedback from voters who had met the candidates while they were out door knocking. I also talked to former life long Tory voters who pledged to never vote Conservative ever again, after the "shambles" of the last few years.

Telecanvassing can be very difficult and frustrating, since there are so many people who screen calls (for understandable reasons) but by being persistent tonight I was able to make 64 calls and get 33 survey results in one hour. Probably far more than if I had been door knocking. I also had many decent political conversations (and a couple of "difficult" ones) with residents. While I much prefer face to face contact, dialogue can clearly work. 

Good luck to all Labour candidates tomorrow and let us send a message that this Tory Government needs to go - and go very soon. 

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