Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Get Help with School Uniform costs - UNISON "there-for-you" fund : supporting members when it gets tough

Tonight at our UNISON London Housing Associations Branch Executive meeting, we discussed a number of key issues facing members - possible/probable strike action over pay, breaking of pension promises and trade union victimisation & bullying by a major employer of UNISON activists. 

However, we also discussed how we can get the message out to our members about the UNISON benevolent fund called "there-for-you" which is about to open its annual "get help with School Uniform costs" cash grant application process.  This is means tested. 

UNISON is I believe the only major trade union that has its own self help charity dedicated to support its members. This week I had to refer a member who is off sick due to a disability (and on reduced pay/zero) to to see if they are able to get assistance to pay their rent and avoid eviction. 

The school uniform costs funds application opens 10am Wednesday 17 May online. For some reason there are no details yet on the Unison website? But our advice to members on low incomes is to get ready since applications are limited and we recommend you get your application in that day. 

Find our and get ready the below:-

1. UNISON membership number (if you have had a email from UNISON your membership number is normally at the bottom of the email)
2. Recent payslip
3. Recent bank statement
4. Copy of Universal Credit letter, if you are in receipt of it. 

We are trying to get further information but so far check out the Unison "there-for-you" website 10am on Wednesday 17 May and if you think you are eligible, then apply. 

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