Saturday, May 06, 2023

Coronation of King Charles III - A view

I watched most of it at home on television. I am interested in history and I like a bit of "pomp and ceremony" but found the coronation service fascinating yet extremely strange, even rather weird in parts.  When Charles was to be "anointed" and the soldiers puts screens around him, you thought what on earth was going on?  

Some good music and singing, some not so good. I was christened a Protestant but I am not all religious yet I respect all people of faith. 

The cavalry, the marching bands and soldiers was as always, very impressive. The behaviour of the  young Royals was amusing and an antidote to what was going on around them. 

Charles appears to me to be a thoughtful, intelligent man who genuinely believes in public service and at an age that most of us would be thinking that it was time to step back, his commitment to the nation is commendable. 

No doubt, he is not perfect nor his family, he lives a life of exceptional privilege and at a time that people have to queue for foodbanks, the coronation has cost a lot of public money. 

However, that is not really the point. My objection to the monarchy is based on the fundamental principle that the head of state of my country should not be decided upon by an accident of birth. Pure and simple. 

I also think it is rather unkind of the British public to inflict kingship on him and his family. It is in my view a pretty dreadful job - awful intrusion, pressure, scrutiny and personal abuse by the media and others also physical risk of attack or even assassination.  Just because he clearly thinks it is his duty to be King does not mean we should allow it because either we enjoy the "pomp and ceremony" or the "celebrity scandal and gossip".

Charles is our head of state and I accept this. I hope for change in the future, for our sake and theirs, but in the meantime... 

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