Tuesday, March 14, 2023

125th Anniversary of the 1st Ever "Labour" Council - West Ham 1 November 1898 - 2023


I have posted in the past on former Cllr George Coe on my blog, https://www.johnslabourblog.org/2015/05/west-ham-municipal-elections-1893-now.html and https://www.johnslabourblog.org/2020/10/socialist-labour-west-ham-cllr-george.html .

I now have further information from his Grandson and it appears that this year (2023) is the 125th anniversary of the 1st “Labour” council in West Ham and I believe the UK.

I think we ought to organise something to mark the occasion. I have contacted Newham Labour Group and local Labour Colleagues about how we can celebrate this important anniversary. Watch this space.

(note pamphlet is from 100th anniversary in 1998)

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