Sunday, March 26, 2023

"Trouble in Mill" Clarion Housing Group Pay and Pensions Disputes


1. Update on Pay dispute and ballot

Following the rejection of the UNISON pay claim for 2023/24 and the imposition of pay cuts by Clarion (resulting in pay being cut in real terms by somewhere between 5 to 8.2% below inflation during the worse cost of living crisis on record). UNISON are balloting members on the offer/imposition.
Your Clarion UNISON stewards committee unanimously recommend that members reject this "offer" and also that members consider industrial action including strike action over this issue. We have never done this before.

The ballot will be sent out on Tuesday 28 March and will last 3 weeks (due to easter holidays). There will be meetings for Unison members and all staff every day next week and beyond.
UNISON remains absolutely committed to dialogue and negotiation and is willing to meet up with management ASAP to try and resolve this issue and avoid a dispute.
2nd update is on the DB pensions debacle.

Members can contact for further details. Non members can join unison here

2. Update on dispute over Defined Benefit Pensions

It is incredible that at this time Clarion have provoked another serious dispute on top of pay by trying to impose quite massive increases in pension contributions with some members facing paying a staggering 30.3% of their pay to stay in the scheme.

UNISON has obviously objected to these demands and put forward constructive counter proposals which have been ignored by Clarion who have even completely breached the written agreement on disputes between UNISON and Clarion.
UNISON will be giving advice to members on next steps tomorrow (Monday 27.3.23)

Members can contact for further details. Non members can join unison here

Check out and @unisonclarion (website is also under construction)

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Pad6 said...

Hi John, Solidarity with Clarion members - is there any update on them forcibly opting ex LG workers from the LGPS ?