Tuesday, July 07, 2020

7/7 Bombing Anniversary - remember the 52 victims (& the 700 injured)

On this day 7/7/05 I was at work at my housing office in Bow. We shut early. There was no trains or buses. I remember driving along Bow Road into Stratford High Street towards home and there was a sea of people walking east wards.

A few years later I listened to a Radio 4 drama about the London Blitz. In the drama a fictional character spoke about how in 1940 she walked along Bow Road, East London towards Stratford in order to escape the bombing. Along the road with her was a constant stream of other survivors walking along the road in the same direction of safety.

This September is also the 80th Anniversary of the London Blitz.

London Mayor, Sadiq Khan laid a wreath today at the Bombing memorial. 

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