Thursday, August 04, 2011

Show Racism the Red Card: 15th Anniversary Celebration

Last night there was a celebration of the 15th Anniversary of "Show Racism the Red Card" at the new UNISON Centre. This is an "anti-racism charity, which was established in January 1996. The aim of our organisation is to produce anti-racist educational resources, which harness the high profile of professional footballers to combat racism".

UNISON General Secretary, Dave Prentis, opened the event and the host was former professional footballer Leroy Rosenior.

There were a number of high profile footballers, Coaches and managers (all alas unknown to me) present.  The film director Ken Loach (who I did recognise) also gave an award.

There is still racism and bigotry in football but it was made clear that the "beautiful game" has been transformed in recent years. 

Now, I have zero interest in football, but I do think that many people do think they are role models (rightly or wrongly) and that they would pay more attention to footballers talking about how wrong and stupid racism is than any well meaning and earnest anti-racist tract.

Picture of leading London UNISON activists Peter and Louise with Martin Whelton (middle) who is a Labour Councillor (and Cabinet member for Housing amongst other things) for LB Merton and a trade union national officer.

Update: more pictures on FaceBook here

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