Monday, February 28, 2011

Bill Wakefield

I've just heard the news that Bill Wakefield, a former Tower Hamlets NUPE branch secretary and  Councillor passed away last night after a long illness.

Bill (seen in picture standing with white shirt addressing a housing strike committee meeting in 1999) was  employed originally as a Gardener by the Council.  He was also a fiery resident rep, staunch Royalist and upon his retirement, a vocal pensioner activist.

His passion and commitment to the interests of ordinary working people in East London will be missed.
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Anonymous said...

John, thanks for your comments on my uncle bill, trade unionist through and through, always a vocalist for the people, he was a union man for 20+ years for British telecom, before adventuring into the council, it was in his blood, also have read your article on george woznicki (yuric as i knew him) was a close friend of mine for 30+ years, have and will sadly miss them both, thanks again. perry

John Gray said...

Hi Perry

Bill was definitely a vocalist for the people. You are no doubt very proud of your uncle. Hope to see you on Friday?

I do miss George (Yuric) as well.