Friday, February 11, 2011

This Land is Your Land: Hands off our Forests

Hat tip Mary, Country Standard and of course many thanks to Billy Bragg.

Update: Sign the 38 Degrees petition "Save Our Forests" here which has already broken its 500,000 target.

UPDATE:  Hooray for the forests! it appear we have won!


Anonymous said...

What's the eason for all the cuts then John?

John Gray said...

Hi anon

Cameron’s banking mates and their theft, deception and forgeries.

That is the reason. Now you know. Thank you for asking.

Anonymous said...

So how many forests did you fight to save when the previous Labour government was selling them off as well John?

Oh . . . .

John Gray said...

Sorry anon, haven't a clue what you are talking about. How about referencing your drivel? Or is that too intellectually demanding for you?


Anonymous said...

Opposition for opposition's sake hardly makes for good politics!

John Gray said...

Rubbish anon what about

My Lords, is there any reason why, before any sale, the Forestry Commission should not create a public right of way over many of the paths in each and every piece of freehold woodland, which would be enforceable against purchasers and would persist as do all other public rights of way?

Anonymous said...

Dr Lord Clark of Windermere, former Labour Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster and head of the Forestry Commission did what to ensure that on the 25,000 acres sold off under Labour?

Or is quietly forgotten when Labour do it and good old-fashioned Tory-bashing when the current government does it?

Such political maturity.

John Gray said...

"As Britain’s largest land manager we look after nearly a million hectares of land including some of our best loved and most spectacular landscapes. Two-thirds of the estate lies within National Parks, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty or Sites of Special Scientific Interest"

not sure if your 25k is true but we are talking about nearly a million hectares.

Get real - this is a disgusting mass sell off of a national treasure purely to please Cameron's thieving banking mates.

Anonymous said...

Bit like Brown's sell off of 300 metric tons of our gold then?

John Gray said...

how pathetic. LOL

You've lost this argument pal so grow up.

typical useless (Newham) tory.

Why do we have such a waste of space opposition?