Thursday, October 01, 2009

Question Time on Equality Bill – How will women fare?

I missed this UNISON/Fawcett Society fringe (Wednesday) but have received good feedback from those who did and have looked at this here. Probably the largest conference fringe with over 150 present.

The UNISON speaker was Bronwyn McKenna, Head of organising and membership.

Now that “no win, no fee” legal vultures are now withdrawing their tribunal cases against UNISON the union can now concentrate on pursuing employers for equal pay.


Anonymous said...

I attended this fringe it was brilliant
well done to UNISON

John Gray said...

Hi Anon

Labour is the Party of Equality and UNISON is the Union of Equality. IMO.

Anonymous said...

Well done UNISON on equal pay, you leading legal work is helping many others

from your sisters (and brothers) in NASUWT

John Gray said...

Cheers comrades!