Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Celebrating the NHS on 3 November

The TUC, UNISON and other trade unions are arranging a march and rally in Trafalgar Square on Saturday 3 November to celebrate and defend the NHS.

Dave Prentis, UNISON General Secretary said in a statement “The NHS remains a service largely owned and run by the public. The system still aspires to be a universal service, free at the point of use and funded by direct taxation. For this we should be thankful. Access to the National Health Service is a defining aspect of UK citizenship and the NHS remains the national institution that the country holds dearest”.

Next year the NHS will be 60! On the 3rd November NHS employees and supporters will gather on the Embankment from 11am, and at noon will set off for a march to Trafalgar Square.

“The 3 November event is being billed as a celebration of the core values of the health service and founding principles of the NHS. As the NHS heads towards its 60th year next year, the founding principles remain as important today as they were in 1948. To keep true to its name, the message to the Government is to keep competition, markets and profits out of the NHS… En route to the Square, the NHS staff, supporters and their families will be accompanied by bands and colourful street performers. Once at the rally - which ends at 4.30pm - they will hear from a variety of speakers and entertainers.” (TUC).

Sounds fun – see you there!

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