Friday, August 12, 2011

A Spewful of Lies and Bile

An email was sent out to various London branches this week, full of anti-union bile as well as complete and utter lies, by a former UNISON NEC member (see left) who had resigned after only one meeting. 

These people only want to rule or ruin.  If they cannot rule then they will wreck and split and then go off in yet another childish and pointless huff.  They think that if they keep repeating their newspeak big lies then us proles will believe them. 

We are not all mugs.  No-one, surely by now believes a word that the ultra left toy town revolutionaries SPEW puts out.  They have lost out in an internal dispute within the union.  Their attitude is that they are bigger and better than the union and its democratically elected lay bodies.  They want to rubbish the union in front of the employers at the very same time that the union is trying desperately to defend members.  Sorry, but in my view those who have left don't give a damn about their members only what it will do to further the revolution. 

I was brought up to believe that when you join a union you put the interests of the union and members first and you leave your Party card at home.  Shame on all of them for not doing this.

(Personally Capacity as always).
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