Wednesday, January 12, 2011

SWPer finds God while its Officers become Royality

This is actually a rather interesting radio interview with a former leader of Respect and the SWP (I understand) in Birmingham about why this former atheist converted to Islam.  David Asif Hughes comes over as being pretty level headed and reasonable. I'm not sure who are the people he mentioned who mocked and ridiculed him for his new faith?

Meanwhile someone posted this comment about the SWP anonymously yesterday "From the SWP internal bulletin for their forthcoming conference:

“How is it possible for a party like ours to be smaller after 10 years of political upturn than in the long years of political downturn?” They go on: “We are dogged with the twin problems of weak organisation on the ground on the one hand and strong hierarchical tendencies on the other …. The rank and file have openly been called ‘foot soldiers’ and treated with condescension and/or contempt by our ‘officers’. If the ‘officers’ do attend the odd branch meetings it is in the manner of visiting royalty.”

UPDATE: I think this quote comes from here (via Harry's Place).
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