Thursday, May 02, 2024

West Hammers play defence then offense on tour for Sadiq & Labour 2024


Today I joined my West Ham ward Labour comrades John W, Ash and Varghese on a "GTVO" (Get the Vote out") canvass of key priority routes in our ward.

John & I picked up routes and leaflets from our campaign HQ in the morning. We then fueled up with the full english cooked breakfast at the Plaistow Cafe (recommended) then joined Varghese to finish off Corporation Street and to re-knock on doors that we had no response from last night. .

In the afternoon we met up with Asheem, as well and "knocked up" our other West Ham ward priority routes. After we finished them we were sent to another route in E7.

There was a positive Labour response but I am always a little paranoid during elections and I was concerned by the number of voters previously identified as Labour saying they were now "undecided".

Which is always a little worrying but let's wait and see. Count starts on Saturday in London.

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