Sunday, October 29, 2023

Good Bye to the East Ham Spoons

On Thursday evening after Pension committee, a couple of us went across the road from East Ham Town Hall to "The Miller's Well" for some food and a drink. While many people are for good reasons anti-Wetherspoons's (due to the right wing views of one of its owners) I had always thought that historically, nearly all breweries and pub chains had been owned by Conservative and reactionary supporters, so nothing new here.

The pub is closing today and it is a shame. Some great historical Labour movement photos on its walls which I hope will be saved locally. I also hope (as rumoured) it will reopen under new ownership as a pub and restaurant but who knows. Final hope is that the staff are going to be ok?

The Weatherspoon pub in Forest Gate (The Hudson Bay) also closed a few months ago as well. 

Many residents, former Councillors and Council staff would have spent a considerable amount of time in the "Millers" over the years and will miss it if it closes permanently. 

In the scheme of things this is nothing that special but....

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