Sunday, October 08, 2023

Labour Party conference 2023 - Sunday

Today started off with a gentle 2.5 mile jog along the Mersey then back again.  At 12.30 I took part in a well attended, lively panel organised by the Local Authority Pension Fund Forum on "Green washing" which I will post on later.  

I am not a delegate this year at conference but attending as a elected Labour Councillor and enjoying the freedom of not being required for early morning delegation meetings and attending all conference debates and speeches (no matter how boring).

In the afternoon I checked out the conference stalls and met up with various contacts and colleagues for coffee and gossip. I had a "hello stranger, long time no see" from London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, as he walked past quickly with his escort to his next event. 

At 6pm I attended the Labour Unions reception and heard some great speeches and contributions especially from our deputy leader Angela Rayner MP and leader Keir Starmer. 

Afterwards I went to the Association of Labour Councillors reception and then the Labour Friends of Bangladesh event. During which I was asked to make a speech on my role as a housing worker in Tower Hamlets for the past 31 years and as a UNISON trade union and Labour activist.  Great food and company. 

After that I went back to my accomodation and will very shortly crash out. A good day. 

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