Saturday, October 28, 2023

TUC Regional Council & then "on the knocker" in Plaistow North


Today was a Labour Movement day. In the morning I went as a UNISON delegate to the TUC London, East and South East Regional Council meeting at Congress House. It was good to be back in person at these meetings. 

There was an important panel discussion on the TUC #OurWorkerMatters campaign around organising and protecting outsourced workers. Our Regional Secretary Jo Galloway was on that panel and she told it as it is, about the dreadful way outsourced workers are treated and what UNISON is doing in our regions to fight this. 

I contributed to the debate as a outsourced worker under threat of losing his pension via fire and rehire dismissal and asked what the panel thought about the Labour Party "New deal for workers" commitments and in particular the prospect of sectorial bargaining over pay and conditions (this is potentially huge in my sector and many others) and what are we doing as unions to influence this. 

There was a mostly very constructive debate about the TUC General Council statement on Gaza and Israel and agreement to donate much needed funds to Medical Aid for Palestine. 

Afterwards I went to take part in the by election campaign in Plaistow North, Newham and met up with the Mayor, local Councillors, Party activists and our candidate, Akhtharul Alam. 

The "door knock" went pretty well and we had over 100 contacts and I also had some very good political and policy conversations (one via google translate) with residents about local issues, national and international issues. Most concern was about "bread and butter" issues such as fly tips, ASB and housing. 

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