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Denise Thomas & John Gray Community NEC Report Oct 2023

NEC Meeting 14 July 2023

This was the first National Executive Council to be held after National Conference. We had met briefly there to elect the Presidential Team. President is Libby Nolan and Vice Presidents Steve North & Julia Maluke were narrowly elected. Neither of us supported their candidacy.

The meeting on the 14 July was to elect Chairs of all the NEC strategic committees and to ratify the membership of them. These working groups will govern the workings of UNISON for the next two years.

A number of NEC members were dissatisfied with the allocation by the Presidential team of seats on these committees including both of us. John had only 1 committee allocated (PDCC – Policy Development & Campaign Committee) which was his 3rd choice. Denise was only offered 2 (non-strategic) committees - International and disabled. Community NEC reps were being treated differently from over service groups and members. Some others had 5 positions. It is clear from remarks made at the meeting that this is some sort of “Political Revenge”. We both appealed. John was turned down and Denise was given Welfare (important but again not a strategic committee)

General Secretary Christina McAnea gave her report to the NEC. Noting it was UNISON’s 30th Birthday, reflecting on the many gains and achievements for our members over the years.

National Delegate Conference held in Liverpool was a great success both celebrating the ‘Year of Black Workers’ 2023 and promoting all Employers to adopt UNISONs Employment Anti-Racism Charter. Dr Neville Lawrence’s parent of Stephen Lawrence received honorary life membership of UNISON. UNISON is on course to intervene in the Judicial Review against the Home Secretary who reneged on the Windrush Lessons learned Review.

The National Care Agency report has now been launched and the Cost-of-living campaign has a new video encouraging members to contact their MPs. Some excellent news that UNISONs Judicial Review against this government’s use of Agency workers during a strike was successful.

National Labour Link Committee Election 17 July 2023

This was a ballot of all NEC members who are part of Labour Link and both of us were elected as NEC reps to the UNISON National Labour Link committee.

Disabled Members Committee 4th-5th July 2023

Elected Disabled NEC Members Katrina Murry, Angela Hamilton, Denise Thomas

Denise attended this meeting and over the coming months we will be working hard to make sure Disabled Members issues are seen as a priority by the NEC. Things we will be working on include: Reasonable adjustment passports; Securing the legacy of the Year of Disabled Workers ; Feeding into the COVID inquiry; · Changes to travel for people receiving PIP – see motion 19; · The disability pay and employment gap

The NEC will be committed to being an accountable and united team for Disabled Members. We’ve created a new Facebook page, Disabled Members’ united NEC Team, where we will share NEC reports and other information you might find interesting.

Welfare Committee & Training 7 September

Denise attended this meeting. Tony Wright was elected as Chair. All attended Trustee Responsibilities Training. Finances: for the 3-month period 1 April – 30 June 2023. The finance reports were received and noted. Service activity reports for the 3-month period 1 April – 30 June 2023, the total number of completed benefit calculations during quarter (01/04/23 – 30/06/23) was1143. The Service activity reports were received and noted

John attended an online training on NEC Discipline panels by Barrister on 7 September

Trade Union Congress, Liverpool 10-13 September 2023

John took part as a UNISON delegate to TUC (via PDCC) and spoke in the housing debate on accommodation for key workers. He also spoke in a fringe (in personal capacity) on Collective Defined Contribution Pensions.

Labour Link Committee 14 September 2023

Both Denise and John attending this meeting. Motions for submission to Labour Women’s and Labour Party conference were discussed. As was conference arrangements, finance report, regional updates; National Policy Forum update and Labour NEC report. The impact of the Tory anti-trade union legislation has resulted (as they intended) in a significant reduction in the number of unison members paying into the Labour Link and also the Campaign fund.

International Committee 17th September

Denise attended this meeting. Some of the recent work that’s been carried out;  Submission to the Africa APPG on just energy transitions.  Briefing for MPs ahead of the third reading of the Economic Activity of Public Bodies (Overseas Matters) Bill;  Evidence submitted to the Bill committee to supplement oral evidence.  Palestine delegation report. (Can be found on Unisons Website)  Photos from the UIDF project with MAAN, organising Palestinian workers in the settlements.

The committee has been working alongside SOG’s especially national women’s committee On 22 November 2023, 12.30pm – 1.30pm. To mark the United Nations International Day to End Violence Against Women and Girls, the National Women’s Committee has organised a webinar on Violence in the workplace and International Labor Organization Convention. This webinar will explore union’s experiences in dealing with Violence in the workplace, including domestic violence and union’s experience in putting forward C190 provisions on the collective bargaining discussion table and the role of the union in pressing for a bipartite protocol on violence and harassment in the workplace. Register here:

CVS sector meeting 26 September 2023. Both Denise and John attend this meeting

PDCC Meeting 28 September 2023 Report to be tabled for next meeting.

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