Monday, June 26, 2023

"Vulnerable children will be affected if adoption agency staff lose jobs, says UNISON"

Check out UNISON press release below but this dreadful story is even worse than it appears since Coram is refusing to recognise UNISON and refusing to meet our organisers? Why on earth are they refusing to recognise the UN recognised human rights of their staff to Union protection and collective bargaining? I will be checking with Newham Council but why should any any local authority have anything to do with such an employer? 

I will be bringing up Coram at the UNISON Community Service Group Executive next week. 

"Twenty social workers who deal with adoptions are facing redundancy after their employer Coram announced staff cuts, says UNISON today (Tuesday)

The job losses will have a detrimental impact on vulnerable children who need new homes and the families who need support both during and after the adoption process, the union says.

Staff at the adoption agency likely to be affected by the cuts perform critical roles. They include placing children with complex needs, and those with a background of neglect or abuse, with new families.

UNISON London regional organiser Ezequiel Kramer said: “Cutting jobs for social workers reduces the support available for some of the most vulnerable children in society, as well as the families who can give them a new start in life.

“It’s also a cruel blow to dedicated staff who face losing the jobs they love in the middle of a cost-of-living crisis.

“Coram has the resources to avoid these cuts. It can and should do better. The agency must work with the union to find ways to avoid these redundancies.”


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