Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Country Walking: Harlestone, Northamptonshire walk

On way back from Wales yesterday, Gill and I broke the journey by stopping off for this 4.71 mile circular walk on the OS site (pay wall) via Country Walking magazine. 

A fantastic walk, we have never been to this part of the world before and were amazed at the scenery and the beautiful, historic villages and hamlets. 

The weather was warm but no thunder or rain which had been forecast as possible. We stopped for coffee in the forest which turned out to be a mega ants nest, which was not a good idea. 

I enjoy driving up to a point but long car journeys are really boring. Breaking up a journey with a 4-5 mile walk is a great way to sneak in another walk during a weekend away and a chance to explore somewhere you might have otherwise never planned to visit. We will be back. 

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