Saturday, June 03, 2023

On the knocker for Sofia Patel in Boleyn


This morning after my Councillor surgery in West Ham, I cycled over to the Champions Statute in Boleyn ward. There I joined the canvass team supporting our excellent candidate, Sofia Patel, who was born and brought up in Newham and lives in the ward. 

It was a really positive canvass and Sofia was brilliant at listening to residents and showing how she is keen to help and support them. I had some really interesting conversations with residents including one who are Labour doorstep app identified as being "Against" Labour the last time we had spoken to him a few years ago. 

He told me that he was a lifelong Conservative voter who was now undecided for the first time ever. We had a "grown up" conversation about politics and the current state of the country. He was clearly embarrassed and frustrated at the antics of recent Tory leaders. I think we both agreed that the present government had been in power for 13 long years and it is time for a change. He still hadn't made up his mind but I think (and hope) he will take the plunge and at least "lend us" his vote. 

Apart from that, my canvass returns were very solid. The online Labour doorstep app is a fantastic canvassing tool and you know who is on the electoral role and you can enter information instantly. No more soggy, unclear canvass sheets which are never inputted. 

I will be going back to Boleyn but I will be also supporting Stephanie, who is standing for Labour in our other by election in Wall End ward. 

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