Monday, February 04, 2019

Sunday Stroll to Wanstead

Off message but picture collage from a local winters walk yesterday from Forest Gate to Wanstead and back. It was cold but lots of sunshine and blue skies. We stopped off to feed the birds at Jubilee Pond with defrosted green peas (bread makes their stomachs swell apparently but no-one has told the birds this since they were far more interested in bread than our peas).

We then walked through Bush Wood and along Overton Drive, then cut through to George Green. We checked out the Farmers Market in Wanstead and bought some Cromer Crab and a Joint for Sunday dinner. After a bite to eat at Filika Restaurant (great set lunch for £8.95) we walked back home via Wanstead Park.

Lovely little walk just under 5 miles. For the whole day I had 127 Google Fit movement minutes and 90 heart points. 

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