Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Murad Qureshi: London living wage for all housing workers?

Yesterday was a busy day for UNISON Labour Link meetings. At lunchtime I was a guest at Tower Hamlets Labour Link, while in the evening I convened a meeting with the UNISON Housing Association Labour Link members.

At that meeting was the Labour London Assembly member Murad Qureshi who is a member of the branch and technically still in my own UNISON “shop”!

During the meeting we discussed the future new role of the Greater London Assembly and the provision of social housing in the capital. The Mayor will soon exercise new powers over development and finance. Murad agreed to look into whether or not the GLA/Mayor could insist that any future housing developments in London should be conditional on employers paying a London Living Wage (currently only £7.20) in the same way that directly employed staff in the GLA are protected. The Labour GLA members have also tried to extend this protection for all Transport for London employees and the Olympics 2012.

This is clear red water between us and the Tories who are pledged to reduce the wages of vulnerable low paid London workers to the minimum wage (only £5.52 ph).

We will be holding a further meeting with Murad in the future over the GLA elections. If anyone can help with his campaign please let me know.


Borges said...

Such progressive demands being put forward in the Labour party is encouraging.

John Gray said...

Yes, the GLA Labour members and Mayor are pushing real progressive politics in London (without any “loony left” baggage).