Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Red Star Over Russia at the Tate Modern

The other Saturday, after the morning SERTUC council meeting (which I will hopefully post upon some other time) I decided to pay another visit to the Tate Modern and view its wares. 

I go there every 5 years or so, whether I want to or not, to see if I can "get" modern art.  Sad to say, once again, I didn't. I have nothing against a field of Porcelain Sunflower Seeds and absolute respect for those who are indeed moved by such sights.

I would however recommend to everyone that they should visit and make their own minds up.  It is a fantastic venue and experience - but modern art does not do much (in fact practically nothing) for me I am afraid. 

However, there was a brilliant display (double click collage) of original Russian Revolution and Soviet Street posters (Level 5 Room 11) which I enjoyed hugely and made the whole visit worth while.  This is what I call "Art". 
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