Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Newham Voices: "East End Pubs" December 2023


I have finally got around to reading the December version of "Newham Voices". It has been a busy few weeks.  Lots of good stuff about politics and planning but my eye was caught about this review by Phil Mellows, of a new book called "East End Pubs". 

I agree with Phil that it is a shame that the book is only confirmed to pubs in Tower Hamlets and Hackney (I have worked in Towers Hamlets for 30 years, so know a few of their pubs as well). The Newham pub gems mentioned are all my favourites (especially the Eddies and Black Lion). 

Tonight, I had some different drinks and a great meal in a Bulgarian bar/cafe in Stratford High Street called Rodina-2, with Labour Party comrades, John Saunders and John Whitworth (we are known in West Ham as the "Three Johns").   

I genuinely wonder, that if in the future it survives, the Rodina-2 , will eventually be recognised as the latest version of a traditional "East End" pub? I hope so. 

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