Thursday, August 03, 2023

UNISON Greater London Housing Association Branch Executive Social (& putting our world to rights)


Great photo from last night's meal in London Bridge for branch elected executive members to meet our new organiser, Karl and discuss disputes and issues across our sector. We had representatives from most of the G15 Housing Associations and had a keen discussion and made plans for dealing with the many, many challenges facing our sector. 

Pay disputes are obviously number one followed by bullying, racism and other discrimination, then Pensions (strike action over pay and potential mass dismissals over pensions in Clarion for example), car mileage, health & safety, governance failures, accountability.... the list of problems is pretty endless and often inter connected. 

We also welcomed former branch organiser, Andy Robinson, (he arrived after the photo) who is now an extremely experienced and well qualified employment law advisor, who was able to give us some very helpful advice on issues. 

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