Wednesday, August 19, 2020

‘Bad housing kills’: How coronavirus overwhelmed the UK’s most overcrowded community


A good article in The Independent on Sunday. I have a few factual quibbles about the story, especially since I ranted on and on to the journalist about all the things which we are achieving in Newham.  Also the need for the Government to do more to save lives but understand that he needed a far wider range of experiences than mine.

"Families in east London borough of Newham tell Adam Forrest of ongoing struggles – as experts point to hidden link between Covid-19 and cramped conditions"

"...Newham councillor John Gray – the lead member for housing – is in no doubt about the links. “My postbag is full of messages from single people living with older family members in Bame households who just can’t afford to move out,” he says. “Many families don’t have a choice. Let’s give them a real housing choice.”

The Labour councillor points to the borough’s “ambitious” social housing target (1,000 homes by 2022) and says he’d like the local authority – if it could get more funding – to consider adding another storey onto existing two-storey council housing (while retro-fitting these buildings to tackle dampness problems).

“We need more housing. This is a huge problem. And frankly, Newham council by itself is not going to solve this. But we’re not going to just wring our hands and say it’s terrible and do nothing. We will do things. We also need help from the government....”

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