Wednesday, November 05, 2008

It Looks Just Right...President Obama and family.

I was sent this picture today by a British colleague of African origin who was pleased as punch with the election result “across the pond”.

He wasn’t the only one. I’ve mentioned before in previous posts that I tend to get a bit of stick and good natured ribbing from work colleagues when I bring up matters which could be construed as “p-o-l-i-t-i-c-s”.

The election of Barack Obama, as President elect of the United States of America has changed this attitude. At least for today, maybe much longer, maybe not, but there is a change.

Black and white workers I thought were genuinely interested in the result; they were pleased, touched and at least a little inspired by his election. Over lunch someone mentioned that he never, ever expected that a Black man would become the most powerful person on the earth.

People were also realistic about the problems ahead and that now he is in power, poetry is not enough and he needs to deliver on economic bread and butter issues.

I listened this morning on the “Today” radio 4 news programme, while jogging around muddy Wanstead flats, a report about the controversial Black American civil rights leader, Rev Jessie Jackson, sobbing his heart out while holding an American flag and listening to Obama’s acceptance speech in Chicago. Someone else (sorry, I forget who) said that this election wiped out the original sin of America since many of its constitutional founder fathers had declared that all men are equal, while remaining slave owners. Powerful stuff.

It seems that America retains its revolutionary ardour when compared to “old Country”. While I think that this election result is also part of an international realignment of progressive forces following the failure of unregulated capitalism (which will benefit the British Labour Party). How realistic is it to imagine a Black British politician becoming Prime Minister?

I suppose that 4 years ago most people would have said the same about the prospect of a Black American President. In his autobiography, Colin Powell, the former Black head of the American Armed forces said that if his family had emigrated to Britain rather than America (from the West Indies) and he joined the British Army he would have been a non-commissioned Warrant officer at best. I don’t think that this is necessarily true nowadays but statistically it would have been true in the past and probably today.

There are a number of really talented and capable young political activists that I have met across all political parties (mostly Labour I will say) who happen to be black. I think there is at least one future Prime minister amongst them.

Of course I knew that Obama would win last week when I received a text from top Tower Hamlets Councillor (and UNISON member), Bill Turner, while he was on route to the States to help out with the Democratic campaign. As I know to my cost, Bill is a super enthusiastic election campaigner and will have no doubt spent every single waking hour (23.5/7) “fighting the good fight”. Bill being Bill, he of course also gave me an errand to do on his behalf back in “blighty”, but such is life and he obviously deserves it for his good work (on this occasion!)


Anonymous said...

great result

of course hes not a socialist as Fox claimed but its the statement it makes

He was also backed by the unions

Of course the ultra left called for a vote for the Green

taking a chance that McCain Palin would be elected

how can they risk that on the world

One thing is America has rejected the neo cons a lesson Hammersmith Council need to learn

Anonymous said...

santos wins

Anonymous said...


Bill Turner went to help with the campaign, is that the same Bill Turner who was named in Parliament for election fraud in Tower Hamlets named for having his hand in postal voting fraud?

Surely the new to be President of the USA Obama would be alarmed to hear of any corruption on his campaign.

And a Nu Labour careerist Blairite warmonger supporter jumping on the bandwagon is totally all the USA is not looking for in helping out with there campaign.

They managed quiet nicely with the true supporters not a wolf dressed as a lamb!!!!!!!!!!!

John Gray said...

Hi Anon
I guess looking at the time you posted you were rather tired and emotional. Bill Turner is a hard working and excellent local councillor and trade union activist. He does things, not just moan and whine about things. Just because some clown made some allegation to humour other clowns doesn’t actually mean anything. You obviously don’t understand the difference I suppose between real life and make believe I suppose.
Remember as well, that Obama is well to the right of even “New Labour”. I look forward to your future whining and whinging about this in the future.

Instead of wasting your entire life, try something constructive once and a while. It may grow on you (doubt it).

Anonymous said...

The Response to your bull on Turner if complete Bull Hardworking my arse highly paid moron fits my interpretation of this so called hardworking postal vote thief

Anonymous said...


Are you referring to George Galloway The elected MP of Bethnal Green and Bow? who was elected without any postal votes.

Of are your comments directed towards all the other clowns who appear sometimes on our blogs and screens in the guise of politicians nearly all Nu Labour

I am so glad that you put them into perspective (clowns)
and I would go much further and include all them Nu Labour clowns Tower Hamlets who put in an appearance in the Town Hall a few times a year - at a great expense.

The ones who got elected with an overwhelming amount of postal votes INCLUDING
An overwhelming voting record from pensioners in sheltered accommodation. many of these pensioners are suffering with dementia,

Its strange they were all voting the same candidates and the handwriting showed significant matches rather confusing don't you feel.

This time the deceit will be out and heads will defiantly be rolling.

Good letter in this weeks ELA outlining much of the same.

Roll out the barrel;;;;;;;;;;

Oh sorry roll out the corruption;;

Wrong again;;;

Roll out Nu Labour;;;;

From just another anon

we are all watching you all very closely,

Anonymous said...

No Response to this I am astonished you cannot formulate a reply?

John Gray said...

Hi Anon
Apologises for not replying sooner. I’ve been a bit busy doing things not just sitting around moaning and whining about things.

Yes, “clown”, “a figure of fun”, “a person of no consequence whatsoever”, who has wasted what talents he might have once had (and even a possible glittering future) due to his vanity and ego. Who really cares what he claims while hiding behind Parliamentary privilege?

Are you really trying to suggest that he had no, repeat no postal votes at all? Or that any other respect candidates did not receive any in their campaigns? This is just moronic for anyone to believe this.

BTW – watch me very closely indeed, who knows, you may even learn something (frankly I doubt it)