Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What's Going Wrong in the UUL?

On the way out of the really good UNISON National Housing seminar last week, a London comrade was handing out this leaflet (or something similar) to delegates outside the Hotel. He told Alan and I that he didn't think we would be interested in attending this event. We asked for a copy. He gave us each the colour leaflet rather reluctantly. I don't know why?

Of course, the vast overwhelming majority of trade union members and activists would not , dream of attending such a thing. However, if they are not breaking union rules (a big if for some), and if UNISON United Left (UUL) want to organise these sort of things then "Bring on the Clowns" I say!

This Circus is not an "official" UNISON event and no branch resources should be spent on it. Click on flyer to view properly.

Hat tip - comrade Mercader


Charlie Marks said...

You've spent way too much time on that spoof John.

John Gray said...

Hi Charlie

All credit due to comrade Mercader!

Hi Andrew

Thank you for your very helpful suggestion but the words "Petrol" and "fire" comes to mind!

Anonymous said...

Oh well, worth a try!


Anonymous said...

Your contempt shown in this post towards housing activist just shows how low New Labour have sunk by having X Libs on there flagship

The word that these "Clowns" is that what you call them have been trying for years to stop what is occurring in the social housing sector.

The transfer of council stock and public assets into the hands of RSL's may have been what you and your buddies wanted ,
But I assure you the fight goes on,

The time is arriving for the realisation of what a disaster is occurring under the noses of everyone.

The situation that we face need full support and not your little assumptions of how funds are distributed if you want the books opened I know a good place we could start!

Anonymous said...

Is there something wrong with being white or straight? And I'm not quite sure how you would be able to identify the latter as a certainty -or is it an assumption? Just strikes me that those particular comments should not be on a document seemingly given an approval or endorsement by any regional officer. UNISON has a stance on non discriminatory language.

John Gray said...

Hi Anon 1
Nice to see you back having a rant about God only knows really what?

Hi Anon 2
Sorry, you are now just being absurd, this is really desperate stuff.