Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Myth of Punch & Judy Risk Assessment

The Health and Safety Executive myth of the month picks up on the nonsense put out by our ugly tabloid press about traditional “Punch and Judy” shows being required to have “risk assessments”. Yeah.

They report the actual truth of the matter “A Punch and Judy man received a standard letter from an event organiser asking him to submit a health and safety risk assessment. However when he questioned the need for it, they 'backed-off' and no paperwork was required. It sounds like wires got crossed somewhere and perhaps the standard letter was sent in error.

HSEs guidance is clear: if there is genuinely no significant risk, nothing needs to be written down.

If a written assessment is needed – keep it fit for purpose, and crucially: act on it. Paperwork without action does no one any good.”

These so called “newspapers” would also be the first to scream and shout if the HSE failed to enforce a regulation and someone then got hurt.


Anonymous said...

No the first people to shout if someone got hurt and there was no risk assesment would be you John and your Union mates....I guess this makes you at one with the tabloids then?

Anonymous said...

It's just a puppet mr anon, Just a puppet. Hi John, On holiday but can't keep away from this blog. All the best see you soon in the smoke.......

John Gray said...

Hi Anon
Sorry about the delay in responding – been on hol’s. Yes, I suppose we would be at “one” with the ‘orrible tabloids on this. But you would not believe they were really interested in people’s safety would you? Rather it would just be about “cheap headlines”?

Hi Paul
Hope you enjoyed your leave – see you next week. Busy, busy time ahead!

Anonymous said...

Only just spotted this. I'm the P&J chap in the picture. I STILL get asked for Risk Assessments despite the HSE guidance. Mr, Mrs. & Ms Town Hall Jobsworth take no notice and provide their own templates to be filled in as a matter of course. Pathetic nannyist drivel encouraged by political statism.

John Gray said...

Hi P&J

A little OTT methinks? Hardly Nazi takeover? Just calm down - they mean well and refer to HSE?