Wednesday, March 05, 2008

“St Piran’s Day Massacre” – UNISON Centre Left Win London Labour Link Elections

I got home tonight from my local Labour Party AGM to find a letter from UNISON Labour link confirming that I had been re-elected to the London Regional Labour Link Committee. The results of the election was (in my own personal view of course) absolutely outstanding.

The slate that the centre left had agreed (see post) had a clean sweep and we won every seat and delegation by a huge margin (of between 200 to even 300% in nearly every committee and forum election). I believe that there was a higher turnout this year as well.

Last year, we were I thought, pretty successful in these same elections and since we heard the results on March 1 2007, the title of that post was “St David’s Day Massacre – Centre Left Win London Labour Link”.

This year (On St Piran’s Day – one of the patron saints of Cornwall) we did even better. Celtic Saints Days are obviously a good time to announce Labour Link election results!

Commiserations to all those who were not elected this time.

The Centre Left in UNISON appears to be on a roll. Check out this link to last month’s regional council AGM and last weeks London Labour Link Forum in the House of Commons.

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