Saturday, May 26, 2012

UNISON Secures Living Wage victory for Cleaners at St George's

Well done and another great victory for the local UNISON Health branch at St George's Hospital. In 2008 they secured a living wage for cleaners employed by ISS (see here and photo) . Now they have done the same after years of campaigning for cleaners employed in the Medical school. See press release below.


UNISON at St Georges Hospital has secured after a lengthy campaign the introduction of the London Living Wage for cleaning staff working in the Medical School. The new hourly rate of £8.30 per hour will be introduced on 1st August 2012.

The union has also concluded a comprehensive union recognition agreement with the company that employs the Medical School cleaners, Ocean Facilities Services Ltd.

Simon Emdin, UNISON Branch Secretary stated:

“We are pleased that the St Georges Medical School has recognised the importance of paying the London Living Wage it will make a significant improvement to the working lives of many hardworking low paid women workers.

UNISON pays tribute to the cleaners and St Georges medical students for their role in ensuring that the London Living Wage was fully implemented”.

Linda Perks, UNISON Regional Secretary stated:

“As a union we are fully committed to ensuring all staff on the St Georges Hospital site secure as a minimum the London Living Wage.  

UNISON is hoping to conclude London Living Wage agreements with all Medical School’s in the Capital.” 

UNISON St Georges Hospital branch has over 2,000 members and has campaigned for a London Living Wage over many years.

Update: Unisonactive and Unison national
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