Thursday, April 03, 2008

The Real BNP – on Rape and Violence towards Women

Some commentators on this blog suggest that the BNP is not a nasty, thuggish, extremist fascist party. It is they claim, just a traditionally minded politicial Party that happens to be against immigration and has nothing to do with the Nazi's.

Well, Searchlight has exposed the BNP Number 2 candidate in the GLA elections, Nick Eriksen (and London BNP organiser) as someone who openly excuses rape and violence towards women. Please check out the link. The BNP reckon they will get at least 8% of the vote in the GLA election and if that it true (I hope and expect not), then Eriksen would have probably been elected for the BNP.

Eriksen claims that "rape is simply sex" and “Men who go along with the rape myth are either morons or traitors”. He also seems to think that it is acceptable for men to give their wives "a good slap!”

I don’t think that anybody makes the case that all people who may feel sympathetic to BNP arguments are supporters of rape or violence towards women. However, I think that this illustrates the widespread concern that many people do not understand or appreciate what the BNP is really about. Why it was formed, who are their leaders and what are their true aims?

The BNP is a National Socialist political party which is rooted in Nazism. This is the political philosophy of Nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler during the Second World War. Its political theory is alien and foreign to this country. The BNP is not a genuine democratic nor British Party.

If you have concerns about immigration then join a democratic British Political party and argue your case. Don’t support something that hides its true identity and pretends that it is something that it is not.
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