Sunday, September 10, 2023

TUC Congress 2023: Day One

This year I am in Liverpool for the 155th annual TUC Congress as a UNISON NEC delegate. I travelled down from London by train with Regional delegate (and London Convenor) Yvonne Green. 

When we arrived in Liverpool we went into a meeting of all UNISON delegates to decide on whether to support or not motions and our speakers. There are 64 delegates from UNISON NEC, Regions, Service Groups, TUC committees, Self Organised Groups and young members.  

Conference opened with Composite 14 "Investing fair funding in public services" moved by our UNISON General Secretary, Christina McAnea with a powerful speech. This composite was supported by many speakers and was passed unanimously. 

Congress is due to finish at 7pm this evening and will restart 9.30 tomorrow morning. I will try and post/tweet as often as possible. 

You can watch Congress Live and check out agenda, motions etc

I am speaking on Tuesday lunchtime in a panel about (not in UNISON capacity) on improving Collective Pensions and hope to speak on the housing composite. 


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