Monday, August 20, 2007

Vote Rachel Voller - UNISON Labour Link Elections

Ballot papers are being sent out from today to the home addresses of all UNISON members who pay the Labour Party political levy (also known as the APF). Each UNISON region elects one delegate to the National Labour Link Committee. In most regions there is a contested election. In London I am supporting Rachel Voller (together with the overwhelming majority of the UNISON London regional committee - I haven’t been able to contact everyone but so far the endorsement for Rachel has been solid)

Rachel works as a midwife for UCH in central London. She is a committed UNISON and Labour party activist and has done an excellent job for London UNISON Labour link. My branch Tower Hamlets nominated her at our last Labour Link meeting.

Below is Rachel’s election address, please “copy & paste” and email to anyone who pays the UNISON Labour link levy in London.


I’m an ordinary community midwife who witnesses the result of poverty pay and poor housing daily. That’s why I want to continue doing all I can for our members and the community we serve.

Like many UNISON members I live a long way from work to live in affordable accommodation, adding to the daily pressure of being a shiftworker.

Since my election I’ve made sure the voice of ordinary UNISON members has been heard at the highest levels within the Labour party.

Whether questioning Gordon Brown directly or lobbying Ken Livingstone I have put London UNISON members first.

I have:

- successfully lobbied to stop the late start of weekend tube trains which would have hit thousands of shiftworkers;
- won support for the LGPS amongst London Labour MPs;
- represented UNISON on London Labour party’s ruling body;
- organised UNISON members to visit Parliament to meet MPs face to face.

I will:

- demand Gordon Brown builds enough affordable houses across London;
- campaign for a Ken Livingstone victory in 2008 to ensure a living wage is introduced;
- expose the racist lies of the BNP;
- organise more chances for members to meet Labour politicians.


Dave Prentis, our General Secretary, has shown strong leadership and won major concessions from Labour.

I want to work with Dave to build on this and put our members’ priorities first.

I will not enter into alliances with outside extremist political parties like the Socialist Workers’ Party, Militant Tendency or obscure backbench MPs like others would.

UNISON has a central role to play in the Labour Party and I intend to use it for the best interests of all our members.

Remember your vote will count.

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