Monday, April 19, 2010

Newham Labour Helps out Jim in Limehouse & Poplar.

Yesterday West Ham and East Ham Labour Party members from across Newham joined in on a mass canvass to help our comrades in Limehouse and Poplar. We had about 30 activists turning out including the Mayor, Sir Robin Wales and Lyn Brown. I was part of a team with Stephen Timms, Financial Secretary to the Treasury, and Minister for Digital Britain.

The reception was pretty good on the whole. Either side of the River Lea, East Londoners are instinctively Labour. There was also not a single Tory or Galloway canvasser to be seen the whole time we were there.

I do wonder how the “Gorgeous One” will manage in an election this time without his SWP brain washed foot soldiers to do all his dirty work?

I fear that Galloway is not only trying to score political points but to further poison relationships between the local communities. He will do all he can to try and elect a Tory MP for the seat.

He’s quite happy about that prospect since the one thing he learnt from his former SWP comrades about such political “Fronts” is you should either “Rule... or Ruin”.
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