Friday, March 30, 2007

John McDonnell slur on British Navy Iran “Kidnap” victims

Desperate “no hope loser” John McDonnell MP, is forced to attract support by siding with supporters of the Iranian quasi-fascists who have “kidnapped” 15 British Navy and Royal Marine personnel. Look at the disgraceful comments in his own website (quickly before he changes it – I have saved a copy).

While practically all democratic British politicians of all political persuasions, have condemned the brutal and despicable actions of the Ahmadinejad holocaust deniers, who publicly hang teenage gays and female rape victims (the photos on this link are shocking). McDonnell blatantly supports the Iranian absurd fiction by describing the despicable kidnap as an “arrest” saying that British forces “have to answer questions”. He supports doing “nothing” to upset the revolutionary guards!

I have always thought that McDonnell was a disgrace, ever since during an attempt to curry favour with Far Left extremists, he attacked my trade union, UNISON, while we were in the midst of difficult negotiations with our employers over the pension dispute. He accused UNISON of being “all rhetoric and no action.” While sharing a platform with his friends in the SWP and disRespect. Now it is even more obvious that he is not fit for any office.

Labour Left must look for a credible candidate in the forth coming leadership election. Why is he totally silent on the key issue of the day, that British sailors and marines are publicly being coerced and threatened by fascist, ignorant moronic thugs, who have no understanding of what a mess they are getting themselves into?

I agree with Timothy Ash (Guardian March 29) “Only someone whose political and moral compass is totally disorientated by hostility to American and British policy could dare to suggest that this act of shameless, lying, cross-border piracy is justified or excusable”.

Shame on McDonnell, thank God, UNISON, the biggest trade union in the country, has dumped him and he is no longer a Sponsored MP. See the resemblance with the upper class berk Cripps?
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